Archanes traditional village near Heraklion

Archanes traditional village near Heraklion

Archanes, a beautiful village at a stunning region.

Being an important hub ever since Minoan times, Archanes village was characterized by Sir Arthur Evans as ‘palatial’. He believed that it used to be a Summer Palace for Knossos Kings.

If you wish to escape the rush of the city and get acquainted with a more tranquil style, not far away from Heraklion, then Archanes is a ‘must-visit’ for you!

In the words of the Mayor, Mr Emmanuel Kokosalis:

A Municipality with an exceptionally versatile landscape, thanks to the two mountain masses, namely, Mt. Juktas and the Asterousia Mountain Range, and the fertile plain of Mesara, the seat of great cultures since antiquity, as well as the hills, torrent beds and gorges that carve through the landscape, forming ideal habitats for rare fauna and flora species.

Archanes is located only 16 kilometers away from Heraklion and you can go for a full day excursion!

Streets of Archanes

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What to see in the Village?

The neighborhoods at Archanes are colorful, the houses very well preserved and you are pleasantly surprised to your every step. The locals have managed to create and maintain a very picturesque village and also a number of attractions in the Village. You also get to explore phenomenal landscapes especially if you are a nature lover!


Some of the activities proposed, include bird watching, canyoning, hiking, cycling, climbing!

Here you can find photos of a very hard to climb place, near Youchtas Mountain

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Depending on your interests you can find a number of places to visit. Among the top picks, you can find Anemospilia, which was an important landmark of a unique (to date) temple from the Minoan Period.

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Click the link below to find out more about the Folk Museum of Archanes, the Museum of Cretan History, the Mt Juktas Outdoor Museum of Aromatic and Other Plants ..

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How about .. wineries?

Visiting Archanes and not visiting a winery, will be like .. leaving an uncompleted visit for you to return!

Check out some of the Wineries you can visit during your Archanes day trip!

You can visit by car, private transfer of public bus.

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