Philia Research Vessel in Heraklion

Philia (φιλία – friendship), the Research Vessel of the HCMR (Hellenic Centre for … Marine Research) was in Heraklion port, to research and
collect samples at the area around DIA island.

Scientists and Researchers from 9 European universities gathered in
Heraklion city to discuss about a new breakthrough discovery “The
perfect creatures” of the sea.

Up to now it was believed that the microorganisms of the sea, were
divided into two categories. The ones who perform photosynthesis
(phytoplankton) and the ones who eat other microorganisms (zooplankton).
Apparently there is a third category, organisms that can behave both as
phytoplakton and zooplankton.

During the last decade, the scientists have discovered that these
organisms can exist anywhere and they are actively researching this
phenomenon that has a great significance both to ecology but also to
economy (i.e. fishing).

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