Fontana Bembo in Heraklion

Fontana Bembo in Heraklion: The first fountain bringing spring water in the city

Possibly the oldest of the Venetian Fountains, is the one constructed by Capitan Generale Giovanni Matteo Bembo, south of the San Salvatore church. (The church of San Salvatore was a 13th century built church, demolished in 1970).


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The fountain’s decoration contains elements both from renaissance and from gothic architecture. The construction was immured into a storage cistern, which was removed in 1938. The headless statue was brought from Ierapetra to complete the fountain.

This fountain was constructed between 1552 and 1552 and was the first attempt of the Venetians to supply the city with fresh water.

During the siege of Candia (Heraklion) from the Ottomans, the supply of the Morosini Fountain was cut off, but this fountain kept providing the Venetian with valuable water for many years, until a nobleman revealed to the ‘enemy’ the aqueduct’s source.

The Bembo Fountain is located at Kornarou Square, right next to the Ottoman Sebil.

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The Fontana Bembo after modification, 1900-1905 (G. Gerola, Municipal Library, Heraklion)

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By BarbieMegaTraveller, Sydney – Australia
Historical Venetian former fountain providing running water to the town

This fountain was built in 1552 and along with it an aqueduct to bring fresh water to the town. People would collect water here, meet and mingle at the markets. It’s located at the end of 25th August Street, which is the main shopping street starting at the Port end of Heraklion. The fountain is at the opposite end far from the port.

The statue is of an unnamed Roman soldier which is why there is no head to the statue. It is not supposed to be of anyone in particular, it just represents the Romans during Venetian rule. The statue was in another location and brought here to bring beauty to something as simple as water collection.

Unfortunately there is no water running there now but the mosaic is still present.

By Konstantinos1964, Heraklion
Όμορφο άλλα…….

Είναι στο τέλος της κεντρική αγοράς. Είναι μια όμορφη ενετική κρήνη και δίπλα βρίσκετε μία Τουρκική φιλανθρωπική κρήνη (σεμπίλ) Σε αυτό το μέρος υπήρχαν δένδρα και για πολλές δεκαετίες έπιναν οι Ηρακλειώτες τον καφέ τους . Τώρα δυστυχώς μετά την διαμόρφωση του χώρου με μάρμαρα είναι κρανίου τόπος. Ο χρόνος για να το δείτε είναι 5 λεπτά.

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Κυριάκος Καραπέτρος

Η Κρήνη Μπέμπο, που πήρε το όνομα του κατασκευαστή της, ήταν ο στρατηγός του Χάντακα, ο Ιωάννης Ματθαίος Μπέμπο. Ο πρώτος που κατόρθωσε να διοχετεύσει με υδραγωγείο νερό στο Χάντακα.

(Translated by Google) The Bembo, who took the name of the manufacturer, was the general of Chandax, John Matthew Bembo. The first who managed to channel water aqueduct in a ditch.