Wandering through the commercial Heraklion center, or after you visit Kazantzakis Grave you may walk past a city area that will seem out of place.

Colorful murals, narrow streets, low houses, abandoned yards compose an colorful synthesis of memories, transferring you years back in time.

You are found at the Lakkos Area, one of the historical districts of Heraklion city.

Lakkos area used to be the underground district of Heraklion during the early 20th century (in the 1900s).

Following an order from the newly formed Cretan State, all the “red” houses should be in specific isolated areas. The Lakkos area started to receive all kind of people, and its location was ideal due to the isolation of the district and due to the fact the the English military camp was right next to it.

A microsociety was formed with rebetes, magges, social outcasts, prostitutes and all sort of people, followed by the refugees that arrived from Asia Minor in the 1920s.

The area was flourishing until the Second World War, when it was severely bombed and its decay begun.

Today, the area has changed a lot. Even if it is still a forgotten area, the last few years the Lakkos Project along with volunteer work has started to reform the old houses and create a whole new colorful area.

Murals have given a certain flare in the district and a process of renovating and beautifying the place has begun.

A lot remains to be done, but in the meantime it is α beautiful place to visit and to awaken long lost memories of a lost era..

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