Umbrella Street in Heraklion (Tsikritzi – Πεζόδρομος Τσικριτζή)

You may have seen images of colorful umbrellas in Heraklion.

You may have accidentally passed by them and started taking a few images of this colorful scenery in an urban surrounding.

You may have been at the Bembo Fountain & Ottoman Sebil or have just shopped a few souvenirs from the local market..


Since June 2019, this central street in Heraklion, just a few minutes walk from the center, is filled with umbrellas to add shadow during the hot sunny days but also color to our lives.


During the winter time some of the umbrellas have been removed or ruined by the wind, but we hope to find them all again at a new favorite spot!

Till, then, here are some of the best instagram shots we have found out! Feel free to tag @aboutheraklion and share more of your beautiful spots